Electronic Batching Unit

The E.B.U. is an advanced system which contains state-of-the-art design with innovative engineering and extensive experience in batching and flow controls. The result is a truly standard system with features usually only available as an extra-cost options...and several which are not offered on most systems at any cost.

Using proven, solid-state electronics, the E.B.U. works with any flow meter pulse. In addition, a number of back-up systems such as battery powered memory for power failures; over-run indicator; and a failure monitor assure reliability and product quality control.

To compensate for the time required for a valve to close, S.J. Controls developed the “floating zero” concept which can provide precise accuracy, even on small batches. While all batching systems send a signal to close the valve when desired amount of product has been dispensed, the closing speed can vary greatly.

With the floating zero failure, the exact amount of over run is recorded on the LED counter at the end of the batch and a red light on the panel indicates an over-amount problem. By simply dialing this over-amount in on two switches inside the E.B.U. enclosure, the valve will be signaled to start closing sooner, compensating for the error and providing precise batches from then on.

Floating zero can also be used advantageously to prevent water hammer by intentionally using it with a slow-closing valve.

This original S.J. Controls feature provides a signal in the event of a failure of almost any component in the metering system which could spoil a batch. Whether a pump problem, valve failure, flow meter stoppage or slow operation, relay or pulse failure, the S.J. Failure Alarm will alert the operator with a light and audible alarm. Can be programmed to shut process down on alarm.

All E.B.U. enclosures offer splash proof design to prevent damage if accidentally wet or hosed during clean up. Membrane switches are completely waterproof and the preset dials are splash proof, making the unit ideal for food and other sanitary applications.

The unique S.J. Scaler is an optional feature on the E.B.U. It allows quick and accurate changing of the readout i.e. from pounds to gallons, etc. It works with all types of flow meters, but when used with a positive displacement type meter it eliminates the need to change gears.

Proven in hundreds of applications, this exclusive design multiplies incoming pulses, then divides them to arrive at the correct conversion. This allows it to provide a readout in any unit of measurement desired.

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     PN: EBU-10-FG-01-100
     Price: $1190.00 (Basic Unit)
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