Electronic Batching Unit - F.A.Q.
1. Why does my alarm turn on when I press the start button?
Verify that S9 is not dialed to Zero. Zero causes alarm activation to occur when the unit is turned on. Set S9 to (1) one or any desired value other than (0) Zero.
Pulses are not being received from the metering unit. No Flow, bad sending unit
and/or bad flow meter.
Faulty Logic Board.

2. How do I calibrate my EBU?
  Use the following formula to correct metering error

Existing scaler setting x (Preset amount + over-run)
Amount that actually flowed

  Example: Preset amount is 100 Gallons but only 95 Gallons was received. Scaler setting is 4234 and multiplier is 100.

4234 x 100

= 4456 new scaler setting. Multiplier remains the same


3. Why doesn't my EBU turn on?
Verify that power is wired correctly and 120 VAC is present at Power Supply Board. Terminal 1 GND, 2 Neutral, 3 Line (220 VAC is available as an option).
Verify that fuse (F1) is good.
Check the main circuit breaker.
Faulty Power Supply Board.
4. How do I know my EBU boards are functioning properly?
Logic Board
Cycle power on/off and back to on. Set 100 as preset amount. Open the EBU door and set test switch to test position. The unit will begin counting down from 100 to 0 and then back up from 0. Alarm will sound when over-run has been detected. This test indicates that unit is loading preset amount, counting down and detecting an over-run by sounding an alarm.
Power Supply Board
Verify that the Relay (CR1) is actuating upon pressing start/stop buttons. Jump Terminals 9 & 10 with a pair of needle nose pliers and verify that the unit is counting down. This test confirms that the contacts and relay coil are operating properly and incoming pulses are being received and registered. If problems continue, please contact SJ Controls for further assistance.
5. Why doesn't my EBU count down when I press the batch run button?
Bad sending unit.
No flow going thru the meter.
Wiring may be incorrect (Refer to EBU manual for wiring instructions).
Check Ribbon Cable for proper installation from power supply board to logic.
6. Why does my EBU count over the preset amount?
Shut off valve not closing properly.
Shut off valve not closing fast enough due to high flow rate.
Scaler settings (S6 and S7) need to be adjusted.
7. Why does my EBU stop before it reaches zero?
  Scaler settings (S6 and S7) may be set too high. Set to a lower number.
8. How do I turn off the alarm?
If alarm comes on because of low flow rate, it can be adjusted at P1 (Blue potentiometer) to sound at longer time periods with no flow detected. Factory setting is 3 seconds of no flow rate to activate alarm.
To disable the alarm,move dip switch #3 up on S18 switch (Refer to EBU Manual for S18 Switch location). Note: Turning off alarm is not
9. Why does my alarm turn on when the unit is first turned on?
S9 activates alarm upon receiving pulses after unit has been stopped due to a leaky or failed valve. Verify that S9 is not dialed to Zero. Zero causes alarm activation to occur when the unit is turned one. Set S9 to (1) On, or any desired value other than (0) Zero.
Faulty unit.
10. How can I change the count ratio for the totalizer from 10:1 to 100:1
       or 1000:1?
  Switch 18 (S18) controls the ratio that the totalizer counts. With dip switch 1 and 2 down, the totalizer counts once per every 10 the display counts. With dip switch 1 up and 2 down, totalizer counts once per every 100 the display counts. With 1 and 2 dip switch up, totalizer counts once per every 1,000 the display counts.

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